The future of offshore construction is temporary harbours and logistic bases

Nextbase offshore

Nextbase Offshore Ltd. is a research intensive company focusing in the development of innovative, modular VLFS (Very large floating structures) concepts and technology. Nextbase VLFS solutions will be based on company’s patent pending technology and provide customers with intelligent platforms that can be set-up cost-efficiently anywhere in the world in a short response time.

Based on global standard

Nextbase has chosen a standard ISO-container as the basic component for its solution to secure the global availability of the basic components. It has further combined existing other components to keep the solution practical and cost-efficient.

Nextbase floatation system

The standard container forms a steady shell which can be filled with  an “airbag” to ensure floatability of the standard container.

Nextbase fastening system

New IPR and patent applications have arisen on the attachment and anchoring components required to create sustainable and steady large floating structures from the containers.

Central research and design challenges

  • solution has to be cost-efficient
  • set-up and engineering needs to be rapid anywhere in the world
  • solution needs to be solid and resistant for harsh, even extreme environments and climates

Use cases

Aid logistics
Arctic scope
Energy and seaharvesting
Offshore construction



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Technical proof-of-concept

Extensive 2 year research and development project came to conclusion in August 2015 when the first full scale prototype was successfully assembled and lifted to water for floatation testing.

Contact information

Nextbase Offshore ltd is based in Helsinki, Finland and is part of Innovationplusdesign group

Nextbase Offshore Oy

Arkadiankatu 23 G
00100 Helsinki

Head of innovations

Jarkko Valtanen
+358 400 536514

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